Bibra Lake Specialist Centre

Welcome to the Bibra Lake Specialist Centre.

Please note that currently only Occupational Therapists are working from this clinic. We currently do not have any active psychiatrists. If you are needing mental health assistance, we recommend contacting your GP who may be able to refer you to another psychiatrist.

Clinical Psychologist Elise Duncan is currently working from Bibra Lake Medical Centre, Unit 9/14 Annois Rd Bibra Lake WA 6163. She works part time so please bear with us while it takes time to reach out and discuss initial appointment and availability. Please note that a referral from a GP is a must before appointment can be considered. Also, please note that not all referred patients would be accepted and offered an appointment, depending on the clinical scenario and the individual interest and expertise of the clinician.

For your information, Dr Navneet Johri – founder and director of our centre – has ceased private practice beginning from June 2021.