When and how to seek a referral

Your GP will be able to provide you with a referral letter, please let them know which specialist you would like to see. If you would like to see a Psychologist please obtain a Mental Health Care Plan.

When to seek a referral to a Private Psychiatrist

If you or a loved one is experiencing a change in how you feel, think or act; that has resulted in decline in your functioning; significantly affects your quality of life or of the people around you; adversely affects your relationships; have seen your doctor (GP) and have tried some initial strategies and would like to explore this further, you can see a private psychiatrist in consultation with your GP. As a possibility, one can see a private psychiatrist even without a GP referral but you will have no Medicare Rebate and it will cost you significantly more. At this clinic, we do not accept patients without a GP referral. We are an Outpatient clinic with no inpatient or crisis or out of hours service. You will require a GP whom you can consult with in a crisis or on an urgent basis.

For Second Opinion:

You or your loved one may have acquired an opinion from a psychiatrist or another mental health clinician and there would be times that you would like this to be confirmed or otherwise. We would require information about the psychiatrist or clinician and their opinion. This could either be faxed with your referral or you could bring it with you to your appointment.

For Ongoing Care:

You or your loved one might have a psychiatric diagnosis and receiving treatment from your GP and are stable in your mental state. You could benefit from a One-Off review by a psychiatrist, if your GP agrees. This one off review could provide you with confirmation of the diagnosis, specific treatment advice (how long to continue or how to stop or precautions to taken if the medications are to be continued indefinitely, as the case be).